Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama and the truth Behind his death!

  3 May

Soon after the world erupted in celebrations on hearing Obama‘s confirmation, Media channels from Nowhere produced  Images and Videos claiming them to be “violent”,  ”Disturbing” , and described it in every other word which would make you believe that the  worlds most dreaded terrorists had a gruesome death :P
I Agree, they are Violent, they are Disturbing but they are funny too (The picture is morphed)  :D

(Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/may/02/osama-bin-laden-photo-fake)
If this is the source which made Obama to announce publicly on Osama’s death.. Mr. President Belated fools day wishes !
And even after this being confirmed fake, we still have our news channels showing these pictures every 5 seconds which is lame! they haven’t checked their source they haven’t questioned america on why they didnt release any pic or video of Osama’s body and why he was buried so soon without being shown to anyone, is Osama really dead ?! :O
they don’t seem to be bothered :D for now.. they are happy with the fake pic, claiming it to be exclusive pic of Osama bin laden, straight from pakistan, as if he himself mailed it to them from his personal mail i.d after his death!
Why are our Media channels so desperate ?

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